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The Scorpion Flail (simply named Flail pre-release) was a powerful mace-like weapon which you could purchase for 75,000 bolts, somewhat similar to the Plasma Whip. Unlike the Plasma Whip; however, the weapon's power was massively improved and could even take out bosses in a matter of seconds if upgraded to a very high level. Rather than being swung horizontally, it was discharged then slammed downward into the ground, with impact powerful enough to create earth-tearing shockwaves.

The weapon, when equipped, noticeably forced Ratchet to stand in one spot when he discharged it. It upgraded to the Leviathan Flail.

Behind the scenes


The cut V2 version of the Scorpion Flail. Can only be used in Multiplayer Mode


The Leviathan Flail

  • The Scorpion Flail was originally going to have a different V2 upgrade before the Leviathan Flail, as discovered in the games texture files. This is also seen in the concept artwork for the weapon.
  • However, the cut V2 model of the Scorpion Flail could still be used in Multiplayer Mode, and could be spun above your head.


  • Vox Industries does not recommend this weapon for children under the age of three.
  • This was the favored weapon of deceased Gladiator Quaternion X. He often referred to this weapon as "the old ball and chain."

Multiplayer mode


Concept art of the Scorpion Flail

When playing Ratchet: Deadlocked on multiplayer, one swing caused 40 points of damage to an opponent. An overhead swing caused 65 to 70 points of damage.

Juggernauts often used this weapon in Juggernaut multiplayer mode since they had an increased vitality and could take more damage while closing in on the opponent.

In Multiplayer mode you can swing it around your head by holding down the fire button.


Version Alpha Mod Power
V1 Area Mod 400
V2 Area Mod 500
V3 Ammo Mod 600
V4 Speed Mod 700
V5 Impact Mod 800
V6 Ammo Mod 900
V7 Speed Mod 1,000
V8 Speed Mod 1,100
V9 Jackpot Mod 1,200
V10 NanoLeech Mod 1,500


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