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This article gives the Scorpion Flail usage tips.


Alpha Mods

To maximize its effectiveness, equip The Scorpion Flail with:

3 Speed Mods

4 Ammo Mods

3 Area Mods

When the Scorpion Flail is given 3 Speed Mods, it allows a high rate of fire, hitting enemies more often. The Ammo Mods are needed because it provides the flail with double ammo slots, from 20 to 40. The Area mods are also needed because when Ratchet slams the flail, the shockwave created gets bigger. However, once you upgrade to the Leviathan Flail, this spread is more recommended:

4 Ammo Mods

2 Impact Mods

4 Area Mods

The reason why the speed mods are removed is because the Leviathan Flail gets a slower rate of fire than the Scorpion Flail, and to get it to the same rate of fire, you have to equip around 4-5 Speed Mods. Equipping more Impact Mods and Area Mods are crucial because the Leviathan Flail creates much bigger shock waves than the Scorpion Flail, and have a higher chance to knock down opponents.

Omega Mods

The mod that really shines on this weapon is the Shock Mod. This allows it to hit entire groups of enemies and possibly kill them in 1 or 2 hits. This is also great for swarmers.

Another alternative is the Freeze Mod, which makes facing tougher, bigger enemies much easier, by slowing down their tracks until a complete stop.

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