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Clank 2 I'll just call you Clank for short!

"Sector (Full Frontal Assault)" is not the subject's real name. The real name is unknown, and a canonical nickname or title which is mentioned in the series is used instead, as deemed the most appropriate title.
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Galactic Map Korgon Refinery
Zurgo: I have deactivated three Planetary Defense Centers in this sector, plunging each location into…total chaos! Ooh splendid, Grungarian Marauders have already begun attacking! I wonder who could have called them?
Qwark: Was it me?
―It was me, you dolt!
Starship Phoenix II start

The Sector

The Sector was a sector in the Polaris Galaxy that contained planet Ebaro. It was where the QForce was stationed on board the Starship Phoenix II.
Starship phoenix 2 ffa

The Starship Phoenix II in the Sector

Planets and Locations


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