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Peforate your foes with high-velocity shards of trillium ore!
GrummelNet weapon description  [ToD]

The Shard Reaper was a shotgun that fired a blast of high-velocity shards of Trillium ore, similar to the Blitz Gun. It was a good close combat weapon and the closer it was fired, the more damage it dealt. The Shard Reaper had a medium rate of fire. However, this could be upgraded at weapon vendors through the use of Raritanium.

With 800 Raritanium, it could be upgraded with Pyrocidic Nano-Clusters, which were similar to the Detonator Upgrade Constructo Mod. This added Nano-Clusters to the projectiles fired. After embedding themselves in a target, the Nano-Clusters exploded, causing additional damage to the target. If they became stuck in the ground or any other surface, they exploded after a short period of time, damaging any nearby enemies.

The V5 version of the Shard Reaper was the Nitro Reaper, which modified the shards to contain highly compressed liquid nitrogen, causing the shards to freeze enemies upon impact.


Damage increased by 20% of previous damage every upgrade. Weapon damage without Raritanium upgrades:

  • V1: 166
  • V2: 199
  • V3: 239
  • V4: 287
  • V5: 344

Raritanium upgrades


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