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The Sheepinator is a weapon manufactured by MegaCorp in Going Commando. It fires a beam which converts enemies into sheep. It can be upgraded to the Black Sheepinator with use, which transforms enemies into sheep which explode.

The Sheepinator later appeared as a weapon modification for weaponry.


Going Commando

The Sheepinator could be acquired in the MegaCorp Armory on Todano for free. It could be upgraded to the Black Sheepinator with use. Unlike most weapons, there was no Mega upgrade for the weapon in challenge mode.

Up Your Arsenal

While the Sheepinator did not appear, the Morph-O-Ray in multiplayer had the ability to transform enemies into sheep (or ducks).

All 4 One

The Sheepinator was available as a weapon mod. It was available for players as a pre-order bonus with Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.



A transformed sheep

The Sheepinator is a black pistol with glowing orange highlights. It fires two spiralling orange beams which function as a single beam. The Black Sheepinator is a longer rifle, with greater orange highlights and a left-hand grip.


The Sheepinator fires a continuous beam at enemies, and no ammo. When fired, a bar fills up on the right in the UI, and once full, the enemy is fully morphed. This bar fills up faster when used on smaller enemies. While it can still morph larger enemies, the player must hold the beam on them for longer without being hit or the bar will refresh. It cannot be used on bosses. The Sheepinator, therefore, is most effective against large mobs of smaller enemies, to easily defeat them without needing to buy ammo. However, as ammo and bolts are so abundant in Going Commando, the Sheepinator is outclassed by weapons which fill this role while also being more useful against larger enemies, such as the Bouncer, the Lava Gun and the Plasma Coil.

The Black Sheepinator's sheep can explode on enemies, making them more useful. This allows the weapon to be more broadly useful, as it can morph smaller enemies into sheep which can then damage the larger enemies. However, in both regards, the weapon is still outclassed by other weapons available, making it redundant in most arsenals.

Behind the scenes

During the credits for Going Commando, a joke message read that "no sheep had been harmed during the making of this game", presumably referring to the Sheepinator.

While many weapons morphing enemies into real-world animals have appeared throughout the series, the Sheepinator was chosen for use in the reboot movie and the reboot game, with a drastically different appearance.


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