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The Sheepinator

This is a guide on the Sheepinator.

The Sheepinator is a weapon that transforms enemies into sheep. It's the morphing weapon that every Ratchet and Clank game has. This one is for Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. You find this weapon in the middle of the game on Planet Todano.

Getting the Sheepinator

On Todano, go to the dam observation deck. Before the Infiltrator lock, turn right. You should see an opening between two small structures, and a huge building not far behind it. Go into the factory (the big building). You need the Tractor Beam to get through. Some parts thereof are a little tricky, but at the end there is the Sheepinator in a small room with some sheep and a teleporter that gets you back to the observation deck. It uses no ammo.


It is a kind of short range weapon that transforms things into sheep. It's useful against small to medium size enemies, but not on big enemies. Usually small enemies are very easy to transform, so this weapon is a quick solution on clusters of small enemies.  The Sheepinator also gets you the skill point Try to Sleep, by turning 16 Mutant Test-Squirrels into sheep on Todano.


If you use the Sheepinator a lot, it will upgrade into the Ultra version of it, the Black Sheepinator. The Black Sheepinator transforms things more quickly. The sheep made by the upgraded version are black, and explosive. The sheep can skip up to enemies, and explode on contact with them. An easy way to upgrade this is to go to Planet Damosel and turn all the Protopets into sheep, because they are extremely easy to transform.

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