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This article explains how to use the Shield Charger.

This is the shield weapon in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It is used to protect the user from damage by creating a shield around them. It also attacks enemies with a weak shock when you touch them.

How to obtain

The Shield Charger is first available when you revisit Aranos for 100,000 bolts. If you cannot afford the Shield Charger, after you escape the flying lab, you can go to Tabora and collect desert crystals or you can go to Joba and do some arena challenges.


Go to Grelbin and follow the path to Angela Cross's house.

How to upgrade

Stand away from the Protopets and equip the Shield Charger. Walk around the Protopets and it will upgrade into the Tesla Barrier. This doesn't work in challenge mode.

Another method is to use it against the Grulch enemies on Planet Smolg, these enemies are relatively slow and easy to dodge, and give enough experience that an extra run or two through the level should be enough to upgrade the Shield Charger.

It is more difficult to upgrade the Shield Charger if you wait until you reach challenge mode. The Shield Charger is vastly depowered compared to the stronger enemies and will therefore be more vulnerable to attacks even from relatively weak enemies, depleting ammo quickly. However, with some time it is possible to upgrade the Shield Charger in challenge mode; seek out weak, easily dodged enemies in the earlier worlds and jump around in order to avoid their attacks while damaging them by touching. Planet Tabora is ideal as there are numerous Mutant Sandfly Spawners on your first visit which will belch out Mutant Sandflies quickly. It is also possible to weaken stronger enemies with your wrench or another weapon and then deliver the killing blow with the Shield Charger, which will still count toward upgrading it.

A quick way to upgrade it in Ratchet & Clank:Up Your Arsenal is to activate it and stand in the lasers normally manipulated by the Refractor. Find a laser near a Gadgetron vendor so you can re-supply ammo quickly.


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