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Shock Blaster was Gadgetron shotgun whose designs was lifted off MegaCorp's Blitz Gun, creating a shotgun capable of clearing a room full of Tyhrranoids.[1] It was a close-range shotgun that caused high damage that decreased with distance. When the weapon reached V5, it upgraded into the Shock Cannon.

This weapon was powerful at the beginning of the game, but lost its functionality quickly as better weapons became available. It was useful for taking out large groups of small enemies. However, it wasted up ammo quickly (especially when charged).

An unseen upgrade to this weapon (the Level 7 Shock Blaster) was mentioned by Courtney Gears when she recorded the new album named Oops, I Got Vaporized By A Level 7 Shock Blaster!.


These are the Shock Blaster's statistics before upgrading into the Shock Cannon.

Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play)
V1 Standard Medium 40 30 150
V2 Charge-Up Medium 50 35 250
V3 Lock-On Mod Medium 50 40 300
V4 Shock Mod Medium 80 40 300
Shock Cannon Beam of Death Medium 100 50 Full
Mega High Damage Medium 1,100 50 10000
Giga High Damage Medium 1,400 55 15000
Omega High Damage Medium 2,100 60 Full

Official descriptions

In-game description

Shock Blaster LV2

V2 comes with a new charge-up attack feature! Hold down the fire button to generate a powerful charge, then release the button to unleash a mega blast.

Shock Blaster LV3

V3 can lock on to targeted enemies. See the moves menu for how to lock on to enemies.

Shock Blaster LV4

V4 electrocutes enemies with each shot. Enemies standing near the target are also struck with crackling arcs of electricity.

Lock on mode enabled.


The Shock Blaster needs to be upgraded four times before becoming the Shock Cannon.


Notes and references

  1. Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Instruction Manual.
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