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The Shock Crystal Armor contained energized Crystallix Armor pieces with Electroshock charges that caused a sudden increase in the growth of quasicrystal formations. A Hyper Strike with the Shock Crystal set equipped created a persistent quasicrystal formation that electrocuted and neutralized any enemy projectiles that flew nearby. However, being not repetitive, the quasicrystal formation was fragile and enemy movements easily shattered it.


When you performed a Hyper-Strike, a purple crystal with a purple-blue aura appeared. When a projectile came near, an ark of electricity shot out neutralizing the projectile, but when an enemy touched it, it shattered, forming three waves at once.

Armor pieces


  • People tend to use this armor set to speed run as they can use the crystal as a platform and fly through courses.(Ex: Kalidon hypershot sequence where they can skip the bolt crank and jump straight to the platform diagonal to the platform the player's on.


Armor Sets and Pieces in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
Armor Set Old School Suit Wildfire Armor Sludge Mk. 9 Armor Crystallix Armor Electroshock Armor Mega-Bomb Armor Hyperborean Armor Chameleon Armor
Helmet N/A Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet
Body Armor N/A Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor
Gloves N/A Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves
Boots N/A Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots

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