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Shielded enemies will think twice about attacking after feeling the wrath of an electrified energy whip!
Tools of Destruction weapon description  [ToD]

The Shock Ravager was an electric whip that delivered a painful shock to anything it touched. It was similar to other melee weapons like the Plasma Whip and the Scorpion Flail, but the Shock Ravager was an electric weapon. For this reason, it was useless against electrified enemies. The Shock Ravager was very useful when surrounded by enemies as the electric shock reached not only forward but slightly behind its wielder and to his sides. It had a longer range than usual for a whip, actually able to reach as far a Fusion Grenade could be thrown. The Shock Ravager featured "quantum chaining," which shot searing bolts of electricity from the whip at enemies. The electricity jumped from enemy to enemy, making the Shock Ravager ideal for attacking groups of enemies. This feature was similar as the effect gained by a Shock Mod. In addition, the Shock Ravager released an small electric shockwave at the peak of each strike. The range of this shockwave could be increased by the Voltage Multiplier Raritanium upgrade. The Shock Ravager's electricity could also get behind shielded enemies' shields. The Shock Ravager upgraded into the Lightning Ravager at V5, which increased the range of the quantum chaining feature.


Ratchet receiving the Shock Ravager in Tools of Destruction

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

The Shock Ravager could be found in Stratus City on planet Kortog. At V1, it dealt 138 damage without Raritanium upgrades. At V5, with all of the Raritanium upgrades, it reach a maximum of 278 damage and hold 36 cells. It was useless against electrified enemies.


Damage increases by 15% of previous damage every upgrade. Weapon damage without Raritanium upgrades:

  • V1: 138
  • V2: 159
  • V3: 183
  • V4: 210
  • V5: 242

Raritanium upgrades

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Ratchet started the game with the Shock Ravager, but it fell into the Azorean Sea when Rusty Pete shot him out of a cannon. Ratchet received the Shock Ravager from Mayor Worley along with the Tornado Launcher when Ratchet returned to defend Hoolefar Island from the Undead Pirates. The Shock Ravager started at V3, dealing 50 damage to enemies unlucky enough to be shocked by it. It held 30 cells, just like in Tools of Destruction.

Location of the Voltage Multiplier

The Voltage Multiplier upgrade could be found in Morrow Caverns, Hoolefar Island. To get it, dive into the underwater cavern, and blow down a gate with a Fusion Grenade. The Concussion Detonators upgrade was there. To get the Voltage Multiplier upgrade, blow down the next gate to reveal the Voltage Multiplier upgrade.


  • V3: 50
  • V4: 60
  • V5: 72


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