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Shoot down Thugs-4-Less ship was one of the missions Ratchet had to complete on planet Endako.

In anticipation to Ratchet's arrival to Endako, the Thief had probably demanded that the Thug Leader vanquish Ratchet personally. Indeed, the Thug followed Ratchet around Megapolis throughout the duration of Ratchet's stay, sometimes revealing himself in order to intimidate Ratchet.

However, once the Lombax is cornered in a dead-end platform, the Thugs-4-Less leader ambushes him using a heavily-armed attack helicopter.

Thus began the first head-to-head fight between Ratchet and the Thugs-4-Less leader.

Ratchet eventually overpowered his foe, who plummeted into the city's depths. It is unknown how the Thug Leader survived or how he rejoined the Thugs-4-Less forces.

Once Ratchet had defeated the Thug Leader, a Translocator would appear to take him back to his ship.

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