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This is the walkthrough for Siberius.

Find the Thief!

As soon as you land you will find a vendor. Purchase ammo if needed. Now head straight to the path ahead of the vendor. You will see strange little circular things. Those things spawn some small Blade Balls. Take them out with the wrench or the Heavy Lancer. A little past the blade balls is a building that will break once you get too close. Inside are thugs; take them out; however, you please. Now head right to the bridge and defeat some more enemies. The Mini Nuke is a good way to clear the path. Jump across the gap. Do you see a ledge nearby? Well it should be above you, so high jump up there and go into the hidden alcove. There is a platinum bolt hidden there. Now head back and defeat some more enemies. Turn right and head into the elevator inside the building. The path will cut off and enemies have infested your path. Take them out; however, you want. Jump to the snow covered platform with the circular things. Take them out and long jump across the gap. Take out more enemies along the way. A drop ship will be in your way later on. It will send out more bots towards you. Be careful. Now there will be a vehicle ahead of you. First buy ammo from the vendor nearby.

Inside the Vehicle

The first car will contain some enemies. Take them out and head forward. With the Swingshot, swing your way to the next car. More Blade Balls will appear. There will also be some other bots. Once they are all gone head a little forward and the Masked Thief will appear! You can deal damage to him with the Blitz Cannon. Personally, I would throw some turrets because they do a lot of damage per second. When he goes away a swing shot target will appear. Use the Swingshot. The vehicle will open and head inside. More Blade Balls are in your way so take them out. When the door opens some MSR II's will appear along with the MSR I's. Once defeated the door will open once you head there. Behind it reveals a swing shot target so use your swing shot again. Do not worry you are not dead. Traverse around the vehicle and go up the ramp. The Thief will arrive. Use the Blitz Cannon to do some good damage. Once you have dealt enough damage to continue, a cutscene will occur showing that your vehicle has fell.

Fight with the Thief

When you gain control, head forward and go up the ladder located right of the Teleporter. Some MSR II's block your path so take them out. Now Blade Balls will come attack you. Take them out with your wrench or the Heavy Lancer. Once defeated jump up to cross the gap. Now restock on ammo and head forward to the circular platform. A cutscene will ensue and once its finished, its time to fight the thief! I suggest you use the Miniturret Glove near the thief. When you start the battle, the thief will have the damage you already did on him while on the vehicles. His attacks include firing his gun. The shot is easily dodged, but his second move is deadly. He will shoot the ground releasing a shock wave. It will do considerable damage if your hit. But both moves are quite easy to dodge. Shoot him with the Blitz Cannon and Heavy Lancer and the job will be done in a seconds. Another cutscene occurs when you defeat the thief.


Platinum bolts

  1. After the first building cross the gap and high jump to the ledge above. Enter the small alcove and find your bolt. Another way is go down the elevator and equip the Tractor Beam. Use it on the small column and move back up the elevator. Place the column near the ledge and jump up there.
  2. On the same elevator, go to the nearby edge and look down. There should be a building with a gray roof. Double jump then glide down there to the roof. Drop down to a fenced yard to get your reward.

Skill points

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