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The side flip was a move Ratchet could do while strafing.

To perform the move, the player has to hold "R2/L2" and push the "left analog stick" to the left or right (depending in which direction the player wants to jump), then press "ex." The player could also fire weapons while in mid air. It may have been possible for the player to use gadgets (like the Swingshot) while in mid air.

Changes in controls that affected the side flip

In Ratchet & Clank, you side flipped by crouching (R1 or R2) and pushing left or right and pressing X. From Going Commando on, Ratchet side flipped by strafing as mentioned above, but from Going Commando to Deadlocked, strafing was done using either R2 or L2, in Size Matters, strafing was done with the directional buttons, and from Tools of Destruction on, stafing was doing using only L2

Side flip Easter egg

In Ratchet & Clank, if you do side flips in front of the Race Girl at Blackwater City, her breasts will inflate to an enormous size. To reverse the effect, crouch under them.



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