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Challenge Name Objectives First Completion Reward Second Completion Reward

Gone in 60 Seconds

Defeat 60 enemies in 60 seconds Gold Bolt & 4,000 bolts 1,300 bolts
Fun with Fusion Turrets Use the Turret to defeat 50 Agorian Clusterbombs Zoni & 4,500 bolts 1,500 bolts
The Art of Negotiation Survive four waves of enemies using only the Negotiator and Wrench Constructo Pistol Impactor Upgrade & 5,000 bolts 1,500 bolts
Name Your Poison Defeat three waves of enemies while fighting in an arena filled with Virox Poison Gas Box Basher 2000 & 5,500 bolts 1,800 bolts

Triumvirate of Terror

Destroy an Elite Hydra Tank Spiral of Death & 6,000 bolts 1,950 bolts

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