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Skyboard races were races involving Skyboards. There could be any number of participants in the races. Each contestant would have to be on top of a Skyboard at all time, and would simply have to race to the finish line first after doing a determined number of laps around it. People could Skyboard for prizes or just for the fun of it. They were almost similar to Hoverbike and Hoverboard Races.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Ratchet Skyboards on Kalidon

On their trip to find the kidnapped Luna, Ratchet and Clank soon tracked her down to Kalidon. Ratchet soon met The Skyboarder, a Skyboarder who was suspected of cheating. To prove he was not a cheater, he challenged Ratchet to a Skyboard Race. To convince Ratchet, he told him he had a reward if he could beat him. The race was held at a Skyboarding track on Kalidon, which comprised of three laps. In the end Ratchet won, and received the Grind Boots and a Shrink Ray as a prize.

Ratchet Skyboards at the remains of Medical Outpost Omega

After Ratchet and Clank destroyed Medical Outpost Omega, they soon found that it was now turned into a Skyboarding track. They again met the Skyboarder, who challenged them to another race to prove he was better. He offered again a prize, this time a Polarizer. It was a race of two laps. In the end Ratchet won again, and collected his prize.

Skyboard Race Tracks


Ratchet Skyboards at the remains of Medical outpost Omega, for the reward of a Polarizer


There were many Skyboarding tracks, that differed from one another. The Kalidon Racing track was build on a planet and the Medical Outpost Omega race track was built on the destroyed remains of a Medical Facility. Some race tracks were built on asteroid belts.

Kalidon Race Tracks

Medical Outpost Omega Race Tracks

Obstacles and objects on the track

Throughout some Skyboard race tracks, you could find obstacles and Boost Pads. Some obstacles included mines, shreds of metal, moving machinery including gears, walls, electric rings, and rigged fans. Also you could find certain pads on the ground that either made the racer go faster or slower. There would also be Boosts litered throughout the track, that if collected, could be used to go faster. Both the Kalidon track and the Medical Outpost Omega track had all these items implemented into them.


It had been known that racers could cheat in these races. There were many different ways they could. One of them was using Nano-Roids and another would be having a Polarizer at the bottom of their board. For Ratchet, he could find shortcuts, mainly at the Medical Outpost Omega. Racers could also crash and respawn at a distance further ahead then before. This can be proved at both skyboarding areas


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