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This is the walkthrough for Slim Cognito's Ship Shack.

This location does not contain any enemies whatsoever; it is simply used to buy upgrades for your ship from your favorite black market dealer - Slim Cognito. Here is a list of what he has to offer.

Ship Weapon/Weapon Upgrades

Shield Upgrades

Ship Upgrades

Ship Appearance

The wings/nose/paint job upgrades do not affect your performance in any way. They serve purely for aesthetic reasons.



The bottom two noses need a certain amount of skill points before they can be purchased.

Paint Jobs

All paint jobs require a certain amount of obtained skill points before you can purchase them. A message will appear saying that there are more purchasable items at the Ship Shack. All paint jobs cost 5 Raritanium.

Skill point

Nice Ride: Purchase all of the ship upgrades, not including aesthetical items.

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