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Slugha was a female member of the Slugha species and Gleeman Vox's pet.[1] She was the only thing he loved in the galaxy apart from money and ratings. Slugha seemed to understand her master's schemes and always made near-unnoticeable expressions about them. An example of this is right before the final battle when she sat on Vox's shoulder in his mech with him where she laughed maniacally in response to Vox's threat to Ratchet. She laughed so hard to the point where she fell off his shoulder.

Slugha was with Vox during the final battle with Ratchet. Apparently she knew nothing about Vox's final plan, for her expression showed her ear perked up and her mouth open wide to show her gasping. As the DreadZone station began to explode, Ratchet saw this, grabbed the pet, and fled into Clank's hovership. What happened to Slugha after Vox's death is unknown. However, she most likely had a change of heart, since she smiled at Ratchet after he saved her.


  • Slugha also seems to resemble a Mutant Muckdweller from the second game. The only differences between the two are the color, the number of eyes and the antennae.

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