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This is the walkthrough for Snivelak in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.

Getting to the Bridge

Get out of your ship and Swingshot across to the building you can reach. There is a Nanotech Boost on top of the building. To get it, you must swing from the first target to the highest point and repeat with the other targets. Smash the boxes there and swing shot across. Then, use the swing-shot to bring down the bridge. Grind the rail and get your dynamo ready. When the rail ends, smash the boxes and climb up the wall with the gravity boots. Use the dynamo to activate the platforms. From where you are standing, you should be able to activate ¾ of the dynamo targets. What this does is platforms will move across the tower you are standing on. Jump on them and when you can, activate the last dynamo. WARNING: If you touch the barriers or the side of the towers, you will die automatically even with the Shield Charger on. When you jump off from the fourth pad, you should see 4 helicopters (if you didn't beat this planet yet). Use the RYNO II or anything else to quickly wipe them out, and continue forward. Soon, you should see a launch pad. Use it to get to the bridge area.


In the middle of the bridge, you should see two tanks. Behind each tank, are four Thugs-4-Less soldiers. Behind the two tanks and two squads is another tank with a squad of 4 Thugs-4-Less soldiers. First, break the boxes for a hefty amount of bolts (note that the mushroom things are also breakable). Recharge on ammo and walk to the other side and you will see an armor vendor. The bridge has a raised area behind the armor vendor. Hid there and use the Tank Bot to destroy the tanks and squads quickly, and then move on to the 3rd tank and squad. When the tanks are destroyed, you will notice they leave a pile of scrap. Use the scrap form the 3rd tank as a barrier. Equip the Shield Charger and Kilonoid. When you reach the barrier created by the third tank, walk a little further. Enemies will come in from right and left. Destroy them with the RYNO II or the Plasma Storm to wipe them out. Jump over the lasers and turn left. You will see a tank at the far end. Destroy it, and when you cross the lasers, walk a little further and a helicopter will appear. It shoots too fast for you to aim and fire. Run until you are on the bridge, then wait a few moments. Jump back over the first laser. The helicopter has forgotten about you now, and you are free to destroy it.

Getting to the Thugs-4-Less Leader

Run to where the helicopter was and turn right. You should see 2 barriers. Behind each is two T4L soldiers. Equip the Shield Charger and the Kilonoid and summon the Plasma Storm. Get rid of the four and walk forward. Walk and walk until a barrier appears behind and in front of you. To your left, you should see a place where you can hide. Use the Tank Bot to take them out because when one dies, more appears. After the barrier disappears, Run forward, and two helicopters should ambush you. Get rid of the one on the right, and Chargeboot back to the second lasers. Stand there for a sec, until this helicopter forgets about you as well. Then, jump back out, and sometimes, the helicopter only shoots into the building harmlessly. Destroy it, and go to where the helicopter was, and turn right. You should see a barrier Equip the Shield Charger and Kilonoid if they weren't destroyed and take out the Plasma Storm. Walk forward and 4 T4L soldiers will port in and shoot simultaneously. Kill them in one shot with the Plasma Storm. Past them, you will see a purpleNanotech box. to your left there is a hiding spot. Stand there and use the Heavy Lancer to shoot theNanotech box. As soon as it is destroyed, another barrier appears. You will see T4L soldiers in front of you if you are facing where theNanotech box was. Whip out the Plasma Storm and kill them all with one shot. Then jump out and to your left will be 4 more T4L. Again, use the Plasma Storm to wipe them out.

Thugs-4-Less Leader

First, whip out the RYNO II for this guy, then fire your missiles at him to weaken him a little. Chargeboot to a jump pad and launch up to a turret. Immediately start firing on him and shoot the bombs he fires from his shoulder-mounted cannons. If you can't get them all, get out of the turret and the bombs detonate harmlessly. Eventually, the Leader will have enough and try to destroy the turret. If he uses a red eye-laser, just keep shooting until the turret explodes (You take no damage). If you keep shooting while he smashes it with his fist, you die instantly. Get to the next turret and keep shooting him. Eventually, he will try new ways of getting you out of the turret. He can catch flying ships and lob them at your turret, but you can just shoot the ship. If he begins firing energy balls from his tri-barreled gun arm, get out of the turret and run; those things have blast radius. Keep switching from turret to turret and the robot eventually will explode.

Alternative Method

Here is an alternative method if you do not want to use the turrets provided. First off die; and head across the bridge from your spawn point. Activate the Shield Charger/Tesla Barrier first; so that you will have a total of 6 uses, then purchase all of your ammo. Configure your Quick Slot with the Shield Charger, HK22 Gun, Heavy Bouncer, Vaporizer, Meteor Gun, and if needed Bomb Glove. Go back across the bridge and use the first hyper jump. The Thugs-4-Less mech will repeatedly fire blue lasers at you which are easy to dodge and the Shield Charger will sponge the damage for you. Equip the HK22 Gun and fire away at the body of the mech. The HK22 will do a lot of damage, but make sure all 3 seekers hit. Now once your out of ammo, equip the Heavy Bouncer and aim for the middle so that the bomblets will hit. Take out your Vaporizer when all your ammo is gone to deal some good damage. And finally the Meteor Gun is the most useful weapon fighting this boss without the turrets. When you use all 200 shots, you will have depleted at least 30% of this boss's HP. The Bomb Glove is back up in case you can't finish it off with the other weapons. The Bomb Glove is a surprise to you and me as well; it does good damage against this boss.

  • Remember once your shield is gone immediately use another one.
  • Strafing will save your life.

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