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Galactic Ranger
Solana Trooper

Solana Troopers, also known as Galactic Ranger Robots or Police-Bots, were robots which acted as on-foot soldiers for the Galactic Rangers. They often wielded Combusters. They acted as police officers for the Solana Galaxy, as well as guards for the Hall of Heroes. Many of them were killed during the battle of Aleero City.


The Solana Troopers were very similar in appearance to Cronk. They are dark blue in colour, with a light blue button on their torsoes. Troopers have a single yellow eye and blue antenna, both of which turn red in times of danger. During battle, they wield a single yellow Combuster. Solana Troopers serve as guards at the Hall of Heroes, police for planets all over the Solana Galaxy, and even participate in the Holovision show Ranger Workouts.

During the invasion of Aleero City, Solana Troopers engaged the Blargian Warbots. However, though they put up a good fight, with Combusters and Negotiators, the robots were all destroyed, though Ratchet and Clank are still able to destroy the Blargian Mothership.




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