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Sonic Eruptor

The Sonic Eruptor creature in Krell Canyon

He aced Nefarious with nothing but a Sonic Eruptor!
Thug  [ItN]

The Sonic Eruptor was a weapon that aided the user by blasting a powerful sound wave that harmed enemies.[1] It cost 4,000 bolts and had 14 ammo when it was first available in Zolar Forest. It took the form of a small frog or slug-like creature called a Xenegote which appeared in front of the user, and seemed to burp and emit the soundwave which was the Xenegote's mating call.[2] When the Xenegote's cheeks puffed out, it could emit a more powerful sound blast. The Xenegote was held by a machine which, when the trigger was pulled, caused the creature to emit the blast.

A Crack in Time

When using the Sonic Eruptor, an indicator in the form of a "signal", appeared on the screen. When it filled up and flashed, the Xenegote's cheeks were full and therefore at its most powerful. If the player times this right, and attacks on the right moment, it could release a deadly sound-wave. It wasn't recommended being used around female Xenegotes.

The Sonic Eruptor at V5 turned into the Super Sonic Eruptor which was a blue Xenegote with a wider blast radius and a larger mouth. At level ten the Super Sonic Eruptor could hold to 20 charges of ammo.

When the Constructo Pistol is the only weapon needing ammo, the Full Ammo GrummelNet description shows the description of the Sonic Eruptor.

GrummelNet Preview

"The Sonic Eruptor. This genetically-mutated xenogote is the perfect weapon for crowd control of a destructive nature. Firing the weapon at a group of enemies will unleash a deadly and destructive mating call. For added kick, try squeezing the trigger when the xenogote's lungs are full. The Sonic Eruptor. Available only at GrummelNet."

Full Frontal Assault

The Sonic Eruptor uses a genetically mutated Xenogote to fire destructive sonic blasts.
QForce weapon pod description.  [FFA]

The Sonic Eruptor was less powerful but just as deadly. The indicator was removed, but it was easy to tell when the Xenogote's cheeks were full. The blast was a greenish yellow, and it had a wider radius, making the Sonic Eruptor a great weapon for crowd control. It did little damage to Shield generators, though. Once upgraded to LVL3, it became the Alpha Sonic Eruptor, taking a glowing green appearance, and poisoning enemies with every blast.

Weapon summaries

A mutated Xenegote, whose mating call is deadly to everything within earshot. Yes, really.
―Instruction Manual Weapon Description  [ACiT]

Behind the scenes

Creaturebox sonic

Concept art of the Sonic Disruptor

During pre-production on Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, the Sonic Eruptor was originally called the Sonic Disruptor.


FFA Ratchet sonic eruptor

Ratchet using the Sonic Eruptor


Sonic Eruptor in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

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