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The sound effects in the Ratchet & Clank series add a sense of realism to the player's experience when playing the games. Minor things, such as hearing Ratchet's footsteps, draw the player in to the game without the player realising while major, sounds such as explosions, add a depth to the game that should be expected. Also, adding to Ratchet's footsteps, the sound can change according to the climate he is in - such as if the ground is wet, the sound will be a squelching noise. Sound effects can play a large part in most games.


  • When Ratchet walked on a surface that did not have the sound defined, that sound would be that of walking of grass.
  • Sound effects when hitting the horny toads from Veldin were recycled from hitting the frog-like creatures in Insomniac Games's previous franchise, Spyro the Dragon.
  • In Going Commando, when you destroy one of the robots, the sound of hitting a chest in Spyro the Dragon is used


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