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The Spiderbot Glove is a weapon that launches a small, four-legged RC spider that could be manually guided to enemies and detonated near them with the circle button. The spiderbot was controlled with the left analog stick, which left Ratchet completely immobile and prone to attack unless the enemy (or enemies) weren't provoked prior to the spiderbot being deployed.

If the spiderbot deployed didn't blow up, it would anyway - the Spiderbot would automatically explode after 30 seconds. If the Spiderbot made contact with an enemy, it would explode near-instantly, which makes it highly sensitive, but unfortunately, the sensitivity of the weapon would automatically terminate the Spiderbot upon an enemy hitting Ratchet with any attack possible, like the Visibomb Gun. Another problem was that if Ratchet hit an enemy with the spiderbot, but didn't kill it, the enemy will begin to use it's AI to attack Ratchet, regardless of obstacles. This was not too much of a problem, but this could cause the weapon to intermittently cut out of usage if Ratchet was hit, but only if there were no obstacles to impede progress of the weapon's projectile. If you purchased the acid modification from Slim for two Platinum bolts, then you would gain weapon experience much quicker.

The Spiderbot Glove's upgrade was the Tankbot Glove. The Tankbot Glove was capable of shooting bullets and firing bombs that arced with a small blast radius and can be charged, increasing damage and range. It was occasionally used to obtain Platinum bolts by sending the Spiderbot through air ducts, and to press certain buttons down.


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