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The Spitting Hydra was an auto-targeting weapon manufactured by Gadgetron. It locked onto multiple enemies, and then unleashed tendrils of electricity on them. It always fired the same amount of tendrils, although if only a few enemies were targeted, each would receive multiple tendrils. The Spitting Hydra was not very powerful, which degraded its usefulness. It could be purchased beginning at the Capital City on Marcadia. It upgraded into the Tempest at V5. A challenge in Annihilation Nation, known as Hydra'n Seek, involves fighting 4 rounds of enemies using the Spitting Hydra. The weapon is very effective aganist small groups of weak and medium sized enemies and it fires very accurately to flying, fastly moving targets.

Ratchet Electrocutes

Ratchet using the Spitting Hydra in Up Your Arsenal


Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play)
V1 Standard Long 200 15 300
V2 More Power/Targeting on 4 enemies Long 240 15 600
V3 More Power/Targeting on 5 enemies Long 280 15 900
V4 More Power/Targeting on 6 enemies Long 320 15 1200
Tempest More Power/Targeting on 7 enemies Long 400 15 Full


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