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This article explains how you use the Spitting Hydra.

The Spitting Hydra is a weapon in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It targeted multiple enemies then unleashed bolts of lightning at them.

Its upgrade, the Tempest, targeted up to 7 enemies.

How to obtain

The Spitting Hydra is first available on the planet Marcadia for 40,000 bolts If you cannot afford it, you can go on previous planets to gain bolts, and then buy it. You can also activate the Gadgetron discount and buy it for 36,000 bolts.


Press and hold the PlayStationCircle button to charge the Spitting Hydra. Then, target the enemies you see. At V1, you can target up to three enemies. Then, release the PlayStationCircle button to unleash lightning at the targets. It is more useful at the next levels, when it can target more enemies.


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