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The Splitter Rifle was the V5 version of the Flux Rifle. Its sniper capabilities enabled Ratchet to zoom in to enemies, which fired a devastating laser beam that exploded and ripped through the armour of multiple enemies.

A more efficient and somewhat of a glitch way to kill enemies with the Splitter Rifle would be for Ratchet to scope up the enemy (whether or not you zoom in is dependent on the player) and to shoot much less shots to kill the enemy then normally required. An example would be that on Annihilation Nation you could kill Scorpio with 2 or 3 shots of the Splitter Rifle as opposed to 6 or 7.

Official descriptions

In-game description

The Splitter Rifle inflicts more awesome damage with each shot. Fires through multiple enemies.


The best way Ratchet could get this upgrade was to go to planet Mylon; making sure his Flux Rifle was at least at level 3. Once he landed, he had to go the ledge that overlooked two Robonoid Commanders. The player simply equipped the Flux Rifle, killed them, jumped into the quicksand, and committed suicide until Ratchet received the upgrade.


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