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This is the walkthrough for the Starship Phoenix in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

There is a ship upgrade vendor next to Ratchet's ship (the opposite side to where he gets out), the upgrades are purely aesthetic; however, as there is no space combat in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. On the right of the hangar there are two vendors, one weapons vendor and one armor vendor. The weapons vendor also allows you to test a weapon for free before buying it. On the opposite side of the hanger there is Ratchet's area where Vid-comics can be played, Qwark's cage is connected to the room. Before entering Ratchet's area there are two other doors - one leads to the trophy room and a hidden room, the other a VR simulator which allows Ratchet to earn gadgets, and also bolts through completing challenges. After going back into the hanger, on the left is some stairs which leads to a 'shuttle-like thing'. After travelling along this for a few seconds the bridge will be reached, there most of the Q-Force are seated.

During Ninja attack

There is a Ninja attack very later in the game. Once you board the Starship, go to the vendor nearby to restock on items if needed. Take out the ninja bots ahead of you. Okay after this you will notice the bridge is busted up, so you will need to find a detour. Find the detour and equip the Hypershot to swing across. Defeat some more ninja's. Make a left, kill more ninjas and equip the Refractor to open the door (on left, under four ninjas that will jump down from the roof and attack when approached). In this room there is more ninja bots as well as a giant bot. Do not panic it'll be easier than you think it would be (recommended weapons: bouncer or megaturret glove or if you are having difficulty dodging its attacks then use the holo/ultra shield glove and the flux/splinter rifle, or even better the omega N90 Hurricane which deals a massive 6000 damage per bullet). Now venture to the door ahead, kill the four ninjas hiding behind it and view a cutscene.

Titanium bolts

There are 7 titanium bolts on the Starship Phoenix. You will be accessible to one, when you first land on the Starship.

  • Go to the VR Training Area, and clear all the courses. A titanium bolt is rewarded after the last round.
  • Clear Helga's Fitness Course once. The bolt is at the end of the course near the Teleporter.
  • Obtain all 100 Qwark icons on each Qwark Vid Comics. You get a titanium bolt after getting all 100. On each comic is a titanium bolt.

Skill points

There are 9 skill points to unlock in the Phoenix'.

  • Monkeying Around - hit Skrunch with your wrench. You can find him in the room after the bridge. To make this easier, before you enter the room where he is, stay in the corridor, and when he passes, throw your wrench.
  • Beat Helga's best time - Clear Helga's fitness course under 0:50. You cannot easily do this the first time because of the Hacker puzzles.
  • Strive for arcade perfection - obtain all 500 icons on each Qwark Vid-Comic
  • Turn up the heat - purchase the Infernox Armor for 1,000,000 bolts
  • Set a new record for Qwark - There are 5 skill points, one in each Vid-Comic for complete it within the prescribed time.

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