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The Stellar Leviathans were the ultimate evolution of Leviathans.[1] They would travel in packs and circle Aphelion, using a telekinetic tractor beam to pull Aphelion towards them and chomp on the ship with a massive bite.

It was cut because Insomniac Games could not get the animation system to work again, as the Leviathan used a procedural animation to undulate his body in Tools of Destruction. They needed time to get the core space combat working, thus cutting the Stellar Leviathan from the game. However, it later made a cameo as one of the creatures that the Creature Collector had captured in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.


It was very similar to a Basilisk Leviathan, except its body was light green, and ended with a yellow tail.


  • A second model of the Stellar Leviathan can be seen flying around the Insomniac Museum. Interestingly, said model was noticeably less shiny than the still model.
    • If the flying leviathan is shot with the sniper, it would just disappear without fading or dropping anything.


Notes and references

  1. The Stellar Leviathan model and description at 4:30 in A Crack in Time's Insomniac Museum.

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