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And let us not forget about the "Electro Shock Undergarments" you invented last fall.
Clank  [ToD]
Stunderwear! Huge seller on Umbris.
Ratchet  [ToD]
Before the Nexus icon

Ratchet the inventor of the Stunderwear

Stunderwear, also known as Electro Shock Undergarments, was an electric shocking undergarment invented by Ratchet. According to Ratchet, Stunderwear was a "hot seller" on planet Umbris.[1]

A variant of Stunderwear called self-cleaning stunderwear was mentioned in a simile by Kip Darling during the Z'Grute attack of Luminopolis.[2]



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Behind the scenes

Its name is a play on "underwear" and "stun" - a word associated with electricity.

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