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This article is about the weapon. For the combat droid, see Synthenoid.

The Synthenoid was the MegaCorp equivalent of the Glove of Doom/Agents of Doom. It started with 12 ammo, or three groups of four. When used, four armed robots flew around the user and shot any enemy that came near with energy blasts. When upgraded to the Kilonoids/Ultranoids, they became stronger, lasted longer and shot out flaming bombs. Their ammo stock stayed the same, however. Also, the color of each robot changed from grey to orange. When you entered Challenge Mode, you could buy the Mega Kilonoids for 450,000 bolts. This increased the ammo stock to 20, allowing for five groups. When upgraded to the Ultra Kilonoids, the ammo stock became 40, allowing for ten groups.


  • Despite being a MegaCorp weapon, ammo crates do not provide ammo for the Synthenoid.
  • Unlike the Gadgetron counterparts, the Agents of Doom, who use only one ammo to spawn 4 Agents, each Synthenoid spawned uses one ammo. E.g. spawning 4 uses 4 ammo.
  • Synthenoids and Kilonoids bore a resemblance to the Sandmice in Ratchet & Clank, which the Sonic Summoner was used to attract, in how they attacked.
  • During the battle with the Mutant Protopet, if the protopet ate an ammo crate it has a chance of spawning its own synthenoids but with a darker color scheme. Since Synthenoid ammo cannot spawn from ammo crates, this is likely a glitch.


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