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This is the walkthrough for Tabora in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.

There is one path to begin with, and two paths after that. It has 3 platinum bolts, 1 nanotech boost, and 1 skill point.

Escape the Underground Tunnels

When you first get to Tabora, you give Mr. Fizzwidget the experiment. He "accidentally" smashes your ship and kicks you out of his ship. You finally end up falling into the underground tunnels under the surface of the planet. Once you are there, continue straight forward. There are crates around you, and a MegaCorp vendor. Keep going, and destroy the enemies. There are a lot of Spitting Dune Crawlers on the way, though. There are also Mutant Sandflies that follow you and try to bite you. It is possible to make it through without battling enemies, but it's a little harder. Also, visibombs do not work in the underground tunnels, so use other weapons. Other than that, the path is pretty simple, just do not fall into the lava. Then, you will reach a place with three big platforms sticking out of the lava, including the one you are standing on. You can jump directly to the third one, or you can go from the first to second to third. Defeat the enemies there. After that, you will reach a place with a lot of small platforms sticking out of the lava. To get across, jump and glide from platform to platform until you reach the other side. Then, go up two ledges and you will find the OmniWrench 10000, a stronger version of the wrench you already have. After finding the new wrench, climb up another ledge, and you will come to another place with three large platforms. After defeating the enemies, use your Swingshot to get to a strip of land mostly surrounded by lava. From there, use the Swingshot again, but do not un-grapple the Swingshot too soon. Get a big swing, and let go. Glide down toward the big doorway on the bottom left corner of the tunnel. Congratulations! You survived the underground tunnels and made it onto the surface of the planet. Upon arriving on Tabora's surface, you will meet the thief. After she trips and reveals herself, she gives you coordinates to the Testing Facility on Dobbo, but first you need a new ship. After that is over, go up the elevator, where you will find a tiny empty town, with only one person. Right now, you can either repair your ship, or get the item the Glider.

Repair your Ship

Walk up to the strange man standing by your smashed ship. Watch the scene. He will ask for ten Desert Crystals to repair your ship. Go into the desert, and find ten crystals. Crystals are gotten by hitting the pink glowing stump-like things in the desert. There is also a few bridges the lead to a different part of the desert. Crystals are usually guarded by creatures that pop up from the sand when you approach them. In the desert, there is also a weapon mod vendor that sells weapon mods in exchange for platinum bolts. If you come back later with the Gravity Boots (earned on Planet Joba), you can find a raritanium mining car that can be used to dig up raritanium from the ground that can be traded for ship upgrades and paint jobs. Watch out for Desert Dune Monsters, that look like a pile of big sticks. If you get too close, the monster will burst through the sand and attack. After getting the crystals, go back to the New Age Mystic. He will take the crystals and use them to repair your ship. If you get more crystals (there are a total of 100 crystals in the desert) he will trade bolts for them at 1000 bolts per crystal (10,000 bolts per crystal in Challenge Mode).

Visibomb method for crystals

One tactic is to use visibombs to hunt for the crystals. Just simply look around for one and then smash your rocket into it. You can do this as many times as there are crystals around, since you can simply buy ammo off the vendor. This minimizes the risk of Ratchet dying when hunting for crystals, because the player can simply get the crystal by running past it.

Get the Glider

To get the glider, go to the back of the town, and find a small building by the bridge. Go inside, and there is an opening in the back that leads onto a narrow pathway with many Spitting Dune Crawlers on it. Keep going, and you will reach a tunnel building. Inside, there is a pool of water, along with a ledge too high to jump to. You need the Thermanator here. Use the Thermanator gadget and freeze the water. Then jump onto the ice, and up onto the ledge. Kill the Mutant Sandflies up there, then you will see another pool with a strange looking three part machine like thing in the middle. Jump onto the platform closest to you, and it should make a staircase sort of thing. Now, do not move off, and fire your Thermanator into the water to freeze it. Now go up the staircase, then get onto the ledge above. Kill all the enemies there, and destroy the boxes if you want bolts or ammo. This part is a bit tricky. You see a double waterfall in front, and walk up to it and freeze it with the Thermanator. Now wall kick back and forth up the frozen waterfall, until you reach the land above it. Destroy the enemy there, and proceed to the edge of the tunnel. Once you are there, glide onto the tunnel below. Keep going, then you will find the glider. There is a glider launch pad right in front of you.

Use the Glider

To use the Glider, jump when you are on a launch pad. Do not crash into the towers or the side of the canyon, and go through the circular openings in the walls. On top of one of the towers is the nanoboost. Glide over that tower and touch the nanoboost to get it. At the end, you will see a small piece of land sticking out in front of you. Approach it and you will automatically land. There is a teleporter that takes you back to the town, along with a platinum bolt. After you get back to your ship, you are done with this planet for now.


Platinum bolts

Tabora Freezing

The location of the second platinum bolt on Tabora

  1. You need the Glider. It's at the end of the Glider course by the teleporter.
  2. By the pool of water with the three part stairway machine, instead of stepping on the nearest one to reach the other side, step on the opposite side. Freeze the water, and climb to the top (facing the direction you just came from). To your left is a hole in the wall. Jump into the hole and pick up the bolt.
  3. In the north-east corner of the desert a Platinum Bolt will be lying on top of a sand-dune.

Skill Points

Nanotech boosts

  • There is one on top of a tower in the Glider course. Glide over the tower and touch theNanotech boost to get it.
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