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Tachyon's Imperial Cruiser
Imperial Cruiser
Tachyon's Cruiser

Tachyon's Imperial Cruiser was an Imperial Cruiser piloted by Emperor Tachyon. Tachyon piloted it to Metropolis on planet Kerwan along with the rest of his army to destroy Ratchet.

When Ratchet reached the Planetary Defense Center, the cruiser, along with two Drophyd Gunships and two Drophyd Transport Ships, as well as a Drophyd Enforcer, ambushed him. The Lombax escaped on a Grind Rail.

The Gunships attempted to stop him, and he was almost killed by several Grav-Trains, but eventually Ratchet came to a platform in the middle of the city.

Two Drophyd Sentries and Drophyd Troopers surrounded the Lombax, and the ship landed. Tachyon emerged in his Giant Walking Throne. After talking to Tachyan, Ratchet knocked the walking down, crushing the sentries, then ran into the Cruiser.

Despite the Troopers' best efforts to shoot down the ship, Ratchet and Clank escaped in the ship. However, cryosleep was activated, putting Ratchet to sleep. A mechanical arm knocked out Clank. The Cruiser was destroyed when it crashed on Cobalia.

The cruiser was later repaired and reappeared during the final battle on Fastoon. Tachyon piloted the cruiser while talking to Ratchet, Clank, Talwyn Apogee, Cronk and Zephyr, then accidentally crashes it several times before leaving.



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