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Tag Team was a challenge at the Imperial Fight Festival on planet Mukow. It was a battle against both Crushto and Zorthan the Irritable.


As Crushto poses less of a threat, is advised to use weaker weapons against him, including the Wrench and Predator Launcher. Remember to keep your distance as well, in case Crushto uses a blowing/sucking attack. When Crushto retreats back, Zorthan is back. He has a spinning attack as well, so keep your distance well. Use long range weapons like the Plasma Beasts when he's low on health. When in long-range and has got a lot of healh on him, always charge up the Alpha Disruptor to decrease his health to an adequate amount. The Shock Ravager poses a good threat to Zorthan as well, but refrain from using the wrench, as he is well protected against melees. Buzz Blades are a good alternative to the Alpha Disruptor if it runs out of ammo.


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