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Tank Minions were bosses that were fought during Ratchet and the gang's infiltration of the N.E.S.T. This is a guide to help defeat both of them


First Battle

The Tank Minion mainly attacks by sweeping a laser beam across the room, which the gang must jump to avoid. Its secondary attack is to fire timed mines from the mounted cannons on it. These can be avoided by staying away from the red target areas. There are two ways to damage the Tank Minion: firing at it with your weapons, or using the Vac-U to grab its bombs and throw them back. As the boss takes damage, its armor begins to fall off. When its armor is completely gone, It can be finished off with a mortar slam

Second Battle

You are now facing off against Mr. Perkins, an elite Tank Minion. The battle with him is identical to the battle with the previous Tank Minion, with the obvious difference being that the boss is outfitted with an energy shield. To disable the shield, you must perform a mortar slam on the nearby switches. With the shield disabled, the boss is vulnerable to attacks from weapons or its own bombs. It is important to keep your distance from him as he will stomp the ground and create shockwaves if your too close.

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