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Juanita describing the future fate of the Temple of Shaar  [Deadlocked]

The Temple of Shaar (originally named the Meteor Temple of Shaar) was a village sized temple in the middle of Shaar's ice drifts tundras. The temple was once defended by the guardians or the Temple of Shaar. What happened to its creators is unknown. The temple had walls that surrounded the entire temple, and had two openings around the front, one to the far and one in the middle. Inside the temple were three temple like buildings. The biggest one was in the middle of the walled temple grounds with stairs streching toward the middle entrance. Two other buildings were on the far left and right with platforms behind them. In front of these small buildings are small courtyards.

DreadZone added a few stationary turrets and node platforms throughout the temple. Ratchet, Merc, and Green destroyed the temple by activating all the nodes as part of DreadZone deathcourse. Presumably the Temple of Shaar now sits in ruin.


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