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This is the walkthrough for planet Terachnos.

To get to Terachnos, you will need the Thrustmaster 500. This upgrade is gained when you have 6 Zoni, so if you do not have enough, look on your map for green dots and nab some of the Zoni on the neighboring moons. Hold R2 to get through the Terachnos Barrier and land.

Meeting up with Alister

Alister will radio in an say he's had to make a slight adjustment to the plan. You will hear a voice come over the PA, alerting citizens that the rouge Lombax Alister Azimuth has been spotted. Troopers have been mobilized. Alister wants you to meet him in Neurox Plaza. Start out by heading to the gap ahead and cross it with your swingshot. As you land, a Zoni will fly away from you. There is an weapon vendor and armor vendor here. The Ectoflux armor is available if you haven't bought it yet. You probably do not need it if you have played another Ratchet & Clank game, so save yourself 10,000 bolts. The Tesla Spikes are now available for purchase for a price of 19,000 bolts. Use your kinetic tether to retract the spring pad (R2 + square). Jump on it to reach an elevated platform. Smash the baggage and the crates. If you smash all of the baggage, you will get the skill point Baggage Handler. Swingshot over the gap ahead.

Getting the Proximity Trigger Constructo mod

If you want the Proximity Trigger Constructo mod, follow this section. Otherwise skip to Continue to Neurox Plaza.This mod will turn your Constructo bomb into a sort of mine launcher like the Mine Glove from the original Ratchet & Clank or the Hunter Mine Launcher from Deadlocked. When you land on the next platform, instead of following the bolt path to the right, go forward. A path of versa-targets stretches over the darkness below. Use your swingshot to cross to the next platform. The versa targets continue to the left. When you land on the next platform, look to the left for a blue grappling versa target. Hold circle to hang under it until a rotating platform moves beneath you. Drop onto it and ride the platform until a green swinging versa target is within your swingshot's grasp. Swing to the grappling versa target and hang until a platform moves beneath you. One quick turn of the rotating platforms should place a platform with a Constructo mod to your left. Jump to the platform and collect the Proximity Trigger Constructo mod.

Continue to Neurox Plaza

Return to the platform where you went straight instead of right if you collected the Constructo mod, otherwise, look right at the ramp and equip your hoverboots (right on the d-pad). If you just collected the mod, the Zoni you saw earlier will fly to the path where the mod used to be. Chase the Zoni along the path until it stops and collect it, then head back to the ramp. Use the ramp on the right to jump to the next area. There will be a few Splitterbots here. Call Mr. Zurkon to your side and toss a Constructo bomb into the group. The Sonic Eruptor also comes in handy in situations with clusters of enemies like these. Watch out for swipes of their saws if you let them get too close. Jump over the flashing blade or fire a Constructo Pistol round or two into their metallic bodies to stop the attack. A Protomantis is waiting up ahead. These guys are tough, and pack a ridiculous amount of firepower too. Be careful not to let their blasts hit you, or you will soon find yourself a dead lombax. Use the Sonic Eruptor to knock these guys backward and pause their fire for a few seconds. Continuously blast the Protomantis with perfect belches and he'll soon explode. Equip your hoverboots and use the conveniently placed ramps on top of the passing transports to reach the next area. If you are going for the Baggage Handler skill point, there is more baggage here. Jump up the ledge ahead to the right and swingshot into the Axiom City Spaceport. There are two Terachnoids who are unhappy because their terminal is trashed. You saw the huge ramp in front of the forcefield (What's he gonna do? Fly over the grid and activate the reboot switches‽), so head to the right to find a way to get up to it. On the far right there are containers that you can use to reach the roof of a ticket desk or something similar. Use the ramp to reach the next roof, but time it to avoid the spinning signs overhead. Use the next ramp to jump over the forcefield to the computer. Yank out the versa-fuse (What kind of reboot switch is that?), and the system will reboot. Unfortunately, the terminal's scanners that you just activated will detect you and alert Nefarious' troops. First, a Arc Striker will attack. These guys shoot fiery projectiles at you from afar. Run toward it to avoid being hit, then blast it with your weapon of choice. Splitterbots will attack next. They group up, so use the Constructo Bomb or Sonic Eruptor to deal with them. More enemies will come; use your acquired skills and be sure to strafe to avoid dying. When you destroy all of the troops, the grateful Terachnoids will open a transport tube for you. Smash all of the crates in the area. Before leaving though, check out the area that was blocked off a forcefield before. It's an opening in the left wall if you are looking at the far wall with the computer you reset earlier. Go to the opening in the wall and swingshot onto the next platform. Do not chase it—it's meant to distract you from something more valuable. Swingshot across the gap to the left and land on the platform with the RYNO V Holo-plan. Collect it. Now, chase the Zoni. It will go to the roofs of the ticket booth-type buildings that you hoverbooted on earlier. Chase the Zoni, waiting for the spinning screens to revolve so you do not hit them. When you land by the computer, the Zoni will have seemingly disappeared. To your right is an indentation in the wall with a Massive crate in it. Smash the crate and you will see the Zoni. Collect it. On the left wall in the same place is another indentation. There is a Battery Bot here. Pick it up and go into the transport tube. When you arrive at the other end of the tube, hoverboot past straight forward all of the enemies. You will reach a wall with a forcefield-blocked room. Throw your Battery bot into the socket in the wall to disable the forcefield. If you can't do it, kill all of the enemies first, then return to the terminal and fetch the battery bot, then come back. Collect the Zoni in the small room and kill the enemies surrounding you. You can go back and defeat the enemies you just passed for experience. Head to the left side of this huge platform on the far end where you found the Zoni. Equip your hoverboots and jump onto the transports below. Do not let go of the accelerator until you fly off the last ramp and land in Neurox Plaza.

Fight off Nefarious's troops


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