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The Tetrabomb Gun shot out five bombs that Ratchet could control all at the same time. It was recommended to use this weapon in a controlled flight at a range, due to the unpredictability of the bombs. Using the uncontrolled flight at close range had a great effect due to the wide blast. The bombs formed a ring shape when fired. The bombs were not the same as the one fired from the Hoverbomb Gun, each being less powerful, but they more than made up therefor with a larger spread of damage.


If the player tapped the fire button then the bombs would float forward uncontrollably. If the player held the fire button the bombs could be controlled by pressing left, right, up, and down. If the player decided to control the bombs then once the player let go of the fire button the bombs would automatically detonate. If the bombs were fired uncontrollably then when the player pressed the fire button again the bombs would explode.



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