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The Arbiter was a rocket launcher and was one of the stronger weapons in Deadlocked. Ace Hardlight named the weapon after using it to settle a legal dispute with his former agent.


The Arbiter was useful at taking out Executioners, Laser Backs, Dropships, and other high-priority targets. In the easier difficulties, this weapon would usually destroy enemies in about two or three shots. In Hero and Exterminator difficulty, it would take about four or five rockets to destroy a big enemy. It was especially deadly if it was used with the Time-Bomb mod. With the Time-Bomb mod, the rockets didn't hit directly, but left blue, gooey bombs on the enemies that were hit. At level 10, the Arbiter transformed into The Silencer with the added functionality to fire off a round of three rockets simultaneously, which used only one slot of ammo.


The Arbiter was an immensly powerful rocket launcher, the carbonox-armor-piercing rockets that it fired possessing so much energy that thir explosions would reverberate across the fabric of space and time into dimensions yet unknown.

In-game information


Version Power Alpha Mod
1 600 Aiming Mod
2 800 Area Mod
3 1000 Ammo Mod
4 1200 Speed Mod
5 1400 Ammo Mod
6 1600 Aiming Mod
7 1800 Speed Mod
8 2000 Speed Mod
9 2200 Area Mod
10 2500 Speed Mod

In-game description

The Arbiter fires high velocity carbonox-armor-piercing rockets whose explosions reverberate across the fabric of space and time and into dimensions as yet unknown. Ace Hardlight gave this weapon its name after using it to settle a legal dispute with his former agent.

Behind the scenes

  • It was named Rocket Launcher pre-release [verification needed]
  • In a cut in-game description, which can only be found on the Ratchet: Deadlocked demo, Vox Industries claimed they had tons of fun testing The Arbiter…on their competitors.

Cut in-game description of The Arbiter

What better way to solve a disputed issue than blowing everything up! Her rockets do tons of damage and explode on contact. Vox Industries says "We had tons of fun testing this weapon…on our competitors."


  • The Arbiter made the same sound when equipped and used as the Annihilator, which is also a rocket launcher.


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