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The Arbiter fires high velocity carbonox-armor-piercing rockets whose explosions reverberate across the fabric of space and time and into dimensions as yet unknown. Ace Hardlight gave this weapon its name after using it to settle a legal dispute with his former agent.
―In-game description  [Deadlocked]

The Arbiter is a weapon manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. It is a rocket launcher with a strong range and a medium rate of fire.

The Arbiter is available from any vendor upon reaching the Avenger Tournament on DreadZone Station for 60,000 bolts. With use, it can be upgraded to The Silencer. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Silencer for 2,750,000 bolts.


The Arbiter is a shoulder-mounted, bulky rocket launcher in silver with blue and dark red highlights, and a left-hand nozzle. It has a long barrel with a small nozzle from which the rockets are launched. The Silencer has a thinner nozzle but three visible rockets combined as one and a bulkier design at the back.


The Arbiter fires a single rocket with a great range and strong damage, and moderate blast radius. Its rate of fire is also decent. It is most useful against large and high-priority targets (such as Executioners, Laser Backs and Dropships). However, it is also very broadly useful against most enemies, as it can defeat most enemies with very few hits, and its radius still makes it still useful against weaker enemies (if outclassed). The only real drawback of the weapon is its initially limited ammo.

Upgrading the weapon unlocks aiming, area, ammo and speed mods, all of which add greatly to the strengths of the weapon (though it could benefit from taking additional ammo mods unlocked from other weapons). At v10 as The Silencer, it launches three rockets instead of just one in a single blast (and only one ammo use), and deals more damage overall.

The Arbiter is useful with three omega mods in particularly. Firstly, the time-bomb mod makes it very deadly, though it adds a slight delay to its damage dealt. Secondly, the napalm mod and mini-bomb mods can spread its damage across a wider array of enemies, while still dealing more damage to a single target.


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