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Those two guns are like sissies. Weak sissies from the sissiest place in Sissyland.
Shellshock contrasting The Harbinger to it's two "sissy" competitors, the Apocalator and the RYNO.  [Deadlocked]

The Harbinger was a Weapon created by Vox Industries as an answer to Gadgetron's RYNO and the Apocalator. This devastating superweapon launched a volley of small missiles that "painted" the ground with targeting lasers; moments later, a large number of orbital ion cannons opened fire upon the target area, causing instant and total annihilation. At V10, it upgraded into the Supernova, gaining a dramatic power boost.


Harbinger (closed)

The Harginger closed up while not in use

  • Level 1: Power 5000, Ammo Mod
  • Level 2: Power 5500, Ammo Mod
  • Level 3: Power 6000, Ammo Mod
  • Level 4: Power 6500, Ammo Mod
  • Level 5: Power 7000, Ammo Mod
  • Level 6: Power 7500, Ammo Mod
  • Level 7: Power 8000, Ammo Mod
  • Level 8: Power 8500, Ammo Mod
  • Level 9: Power 9000, Ammo Mod
  • Level 10: Power 10000, Ammo Mod

In-game description

The Harbinger is Vox Industries' answer to its two biggest competitors: The Apocolator and the RYNO. Shellshock says, "Those two guns are like sissies. Weak sissies from the sissiest place in Sissyland." The Harbinger, on the other hand, is the final word in gratuitous destruction. One tap of the trigger and you will lay a path of devastation from here to the other end of the Shadow Sector.


Epilogue - Juanita and Dallas

The Harbinger, facing toward an unsuspecting Dallas Wanamaker


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