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Render Therminator
Price 1,000 bolts
First Available Barlow

The Thermanator was a gadget created by a Gadgetron scientist who became stranded on Barlow. Accidentally using the device and freezing himself in an ice cube, it was only much later when MegaCorp replaced Gadgetron in the Bogon Galaxy that Ratchet and Clank rescued the scientist and bought the Thermanator for a thousand bolts. The scientist then left to work for MegaCorp. The Thermanator could be used to freeze water or to thaw ice. It was used on a number of planets including Notak, Yeedil, Barlow and Damosel.

One of the most notable reasons it was put to use was in the Chemical Factory in Canal City. There were a series of puzzles (similar to the Hydrodisplacer puzzles on Umbris in the original Ratchet & Clank) that involved rising water and Pool Sharks that required freezing and unfreezing the water multiple times in order to reach a destination and avoid being eaten alive by a shark. It was much like the Hydrodisplacer puzzle found on Qwark's HQ on planet Umbris except instead of getting rid of water to avoid pool sharks, it involved freezing the water to avoid pool sharks.

On planet Tabora the first two thermanator areas can be avoided instead of turning the water into ice to walk on.


  • It is interesting to note that even though it seems to have similar effects to a freeze/melt Gun, it does no damage at all to enemies.


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