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The Time-Bomb mod was a weapon modification in Ratchet: Deadlocked. It turned the shot from the B-6 Obliterator, Arbiter and Hunter Mine Launcher into blue plasma bombs which stuck to enemies for a second, then exploded, inverting the game's colors to negative for a split-second and shocking any enemy near the explosion. This mod was most effective with the Hunter Mine Launcher, due to how it changed the way the mines behaved. Instead of simply blowing up, the mines would stick to enemies (and even stick multiple bombs to one enemy) and slow them down greatly, allowing you to dish out major punishment to your enemies, if they didn't just die from the bombs, themselves.

It was an Omega Mod.

Compatible weapons


  • Vox Industries purposefully added a time delay into the mod to improve ratings, as DreadZone fans loved to watch combatants fleeing in terror from a fellow Gladiator who was hit with the Time Bomb.


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