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Fuzzy Lombax ears, an accessory for the Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit

Test Dummy: Umm, sir, We have the latest sale figures.
Gleeman Vox: Yeah, what's the bottom line?
Test Dummy: Umm… nobody is buying the new Ace Hardlight merchandise. In fact, sales are down across the board… except for Fuzzy Lombax ears.
Gleeman Vox: We sell those?
Test Dummy: Uh, yes, sir. They are an accessory of the Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit.
―Conversation between a Test Dummy and Gleeman Vox  [Deadlocked]

The Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit, as its name implies, was a weapons package designed by Vox Industries for children apparently between the ages of three and six. One accessory in it, named the Fuzzy Lombax Ears, was the only product made by Vox Industries that didn't show a loss in sales after Ratchet started becoming more well known in the arena.[1]


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