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The Scorcher was a flamethrower from Gadgetron's highly successful "recycle your used space cruiser engine, get 10 percent off a trip to Pokitaru" program. The Scorcher is essentially an engine used in spaceships refitted for handheld weaponry use. It works similarly to the Pyrocitor in that holding it down will release a jet of hot flame, at a moderately short range. However, the range of the Scorcher is shorter than that of the Pyrocitor, but it makes up for this by its sheer damage. Additional modifications through Slim Cognito enable the ability to shoot out a fireball when fire is held down, and another for the jet of flame to get larger and larger as it is used. Using the Fire-Bomb Armor would help power up this weapon.


Flamethrowers in the Ratchet & Clank series
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