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This is the walkthrough for planet Torren IV in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

When you land, you will see two potential paths. The path to the right cannot be accessed without going through the left path. Hop up the rocks on the left path, then hop onto the platforms. Tether the first platform mechanism to you, jump onto it and let it take you to the other side. Tether the bounce platform down and bounce onto it. Then, have a talk with the Vullard and tether the bounce platform down. Bounce onto it and you will get to the right path. It's time to take out the Thrashers with a blast of the Sonic Eruptor, or with your Comet-Strike as they are no real threat yet. Then, tether the pad down and bounce up. Go through the tunnel and again take out the Thrashers, easily with the wrench through or the Sonic Eruptor.

Chase with Azimuth

So far, you have to follow Azimuth on the Grind Rail. Just avoid the flames, electricity and jump from rail-to-rail. If you are in a dead end, just jump and move to other rails. Watch the cutscene and be ready for a training.

Hoverboot Training

Are you ready for a Hoverboot Training with your Hoverboots? Well, if you could, you have to finish this first before you own it. First, Azimuth will show you how to jump on a Boost Pad. Take out your hoverboots and crank the Hoverboot Bolt Crank. This will set the pad. Then boost with R2 and jump over. That's SIMPLE! Next, Azimuth will show you how to Wall jumping in mid-air. To do that, Boost and jump on a boost pad. Next, jump to the left and right and done. Last, Azimuth will show you how to Glide. Just jump and hold R2 to glide. Try to land onto the flame. Great job! Azimuth will ask you a question if you are ready to do the 1 minute Hoverboot Test. If you are ready, be ready for this.

1 Minute Hoverboot Test

Get ready for this part because there will be a 1-minute timer below the screen. While on your way, you have to collect all 23 flames in order to finish it. Let's go!

Here's the walkthrough: Hover wall jump on those Kick pads to get across. Get across and do it again. Use the hover bolt crank to bring the bouncing platform down. Go there and you will automatically bounce and glide to the conveyor belt down. Follow the path and ride the little grind rail. It's done! Once you completed the test, watch the cutscene.

Return to Aphelion

Follow the Zoni. He will lead you to go back to Aphelion. To do this, follow everything that you encounter, but WAIT! Instead of going left right by the crank, head straight, boost and ride a little grind rail. Find Boost Pads and they will take you back there. Catch the Zoni, and off to Terachnos!


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Gold bolts

  • When you get off your ship and go forwards, to the right will be a strange blue beam hitting the ground. This is a time anamoly and it has locked the gold bolt in time. To get the gold bolt, you need to remove the time anamoly. To do this, you must play as Clank and go to Great Clock: Sector Three. Inside the sector you will find the Torren IV Planet Room. By completing the planet room, the anamoly will disappear, and you will be able to collect the gold bolt.

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