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The towel was a skin Ratchet could wear. It consisted of a towel covering him from his waist down, with a small gap for his tail, and a shower cap. The skin was automatically equipped when in the Prison Showers and if Ratchet took enough damage the towel could come off, leaving Ratchet naked. Ratchet could grab another towel from the laundry bins if needed. In some challenges, the towel needed to stay on.
SAC Skins Ratchet Towel

Ratchet with his hands visible

Behind the scenes

  • If Ratchet's towel is removed (which can only happen when equipped in the Prison Showers) a black bar covers most of the area the towel used to cover. This was most likely done for humor, and for the censors.
  • However, even if the towel is removed, the black bars will disappear if you hold down the triangle button.
  • This skin is one of three skins the show Ratchet's hands, the other being Punk Ratchet and Ninja Ratchet


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