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Treasure Hunter was a skill point in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. It could be achieved by destroying all of the camo crates in Krell Canyon.


Behind your ship in a small crevice.

Alongside the Gold Bolt that requires the Omni-Soaker.

After jumping over the broken bridge stay to the left along the cliff, you should come across two stacks before coming across the two large waterfalls.

Upon arrival to the large waterfalls, one stack is near one of the waterfalls, and another stack is opposite the largest waterfall, past the two adjacent jump pads, near two poles.

Head back to the weapons Vendor and go right until you come across a hover ramp that points South, next to it are the Crates, but look closely for they blend in well with the dirt.

If you go up the nearby hover ramp that heads West up the side of the hill, and stop before jumping off the second hover ramp at the top, look right and you will find a large stack.

Go on the same path as the Zoni in the area but do not go on the grind rail, just before it is a stack of Camo Crates.

After you jump over the first wall, it's on the left.

East of the stairs that lead to the Obsidian Eye, behind the pillar.


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