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Trespasser 2


The Trespasser was a Gadgetron infiltration gadget used to open Invinco-locks. It used advanced poly-laser technology to hack internal photon receptors and trigger the locks. It could be found on planet Aridia, after using the Swingshot. The 'puzzle' it presented Ratchet with, when hacking invinco-locks consisted of a circle with receptors for beams to hit, the beams and their starting generators were arranged on three circles which could be turned around. Ratchet needed to make every beam reach an receptor without being blocked by anything other than another beam, they couldn't be blocked by the 'generators' however.

MegaCorp later stole the designs of this gadget from Gadgetron to create their Infiltrator, though MegaCorp claims to have merely "borrowed" the designs.

In the reboot, the gadget along with other classics returns. Ratchet acciqures the Tresspasser from Slim Cognito in Blackwater City for use of accuiring RYNO Holocard plans but proved to help in more important situations as well. It functioned in the same manner as the original, involving you to get every beam to reach the receptors. This time you could optionally skip required story puzzles with Autohack however, doing so would void the Safe Cracker Trophy.

Trespasser descriptions

A hand-held device with three prongs at the front. Designed to slot into invinco-locks and consequently open doors and mechanics.

Ratchet & Clank in-game

Gadgetron's Trespasser is the perfect device for getting past Invinco-Locks. Simply stand on the activation pad for an Invinco-Lock and press circle to bring up the Invinco-Lock interface.

Lasers are mounted on each ring of the Invinco-Lock. Push the left analogue stick up and down to select which ring is active; push left and right to rotate the ring. Aim the lasers at the receptors on the outside ring to turn them green.

All receptors must be green before the Invinco-Lock will open.

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