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This article is about the in-game collectibles. For the achievements in the HD re-release and Ratchet & Clank Collection versions of the game, see Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal trophies.

Trophies are collectibles located on several planets in Up Your Arsenal. There are 15 trophies in the game, and once Ratchet collects them all, a locked doorway inside the trophy room on the Starship Phoenix opens. Inside the room is a teleporter to the Insomniac Museum.

Ratchet trophy

The Ratchet trophy


Most trophies can be found or are rewarded during the first time through the game, but there are a few that can only be achieved after beating the game once.

Character trophies

These nine trophies are found in many places on single planets.

Ratchet trophy

The Ratchet trophy trophy can be found in Nabla Forest on Florana. In the second large building after completing a Wall Jump to get to the second yellow lader there is a terrace on the other side (behind where you normally go) with some bolts and Nanotech crates. Then with your back towards the ladder the trophy will be to your left, climb around the edge of the building to reach the hidden terrace and the trophy.

Al trophy

This trophy can be found on Tyhrranosis on the mission where you must destroy the four plasma turrets. The turret in question is (almost) right next to the large building with the boss fight (Momma Tyhrranoid) within, in the north-east corner of the map. The trophy should be easy to spot if you go to the far right on the map; it's on a platform with a Three-Eyed Tyhrranoid. To get it, at the base of the mound will be a rock you can jump on. Jump on it and high jump on top of the surface.

The Plumber trophy

This trophy is on Daxx. It is located on the right-hand balcony of the building where Ratchet finds the Charge Boots. As you exit, turn to your right. Hop to your right to get it.

Clank Trophy

The Clank trophy is at Holostar Studios. It is located on a platform to the side of the elevator that you unlock with the first Hacker Terminal. Ride the elevator to the top. If you are facing forward (with the elevator behind you), turn to your left and go back out to the elevator; there is an orange ledge just above your head. High jump or double jump up onto this ledge and you will find the Clank trophy.

Skrunch trophy

The Skrunch trophy is on Metropolis just after the curved bridge, through the window on the right.

Dr. Nefarious trophy

This trophy is at the crash site on planet Zeldrin. It's located on a ledge after the second set of debris on the right.

Qwark trophy

This trophy can be found on the Thran Asteroid at the end of the last corridor in the pod on the left (behind the glass window) right near Qwark's hideout.

Courtney Gears trophy

On Koros, it's located inside the building next to the stacked metallic crates.

Lawrence trophy

On Mylon it's located at the top of the ramp along the section before the Hacker terminal, located on top of a storage tank at the top of the ramp.

Task trophies

These six trophies are found after completing tasks on multiple planets.

Titanium bolt trophy

Rewarded for collecting all 40 titanium bolts.

Skill Master trophy

Rewarded for achieving all 30 skill points.

Annihilation Nation trophy

The Annihilation Nation Champion trophy is only awarded after completing ALL the gauntlet and gladiator challenges at Annihilation Nation. You must complete the Qwarktastic Battle at least once.

Friend of the Rangers trophy

The Friend of the Rangers trophy trophy is only awarded after successfully completing ALL the Ranger battle missions, including Operation Iron Shield, Island Strike, Black Tide, Urban Storm, and Death Valley.

Omega Arsenal Trophy

Rewarded for upgrading all weapons to Omega level (includes getting the RYNOCIRATOR to level five).

Nano Finder Trophy

This trophy is only awarded after accumulating 200 Nano Health Slots. This can only be done in Challenge Mode and you will have to get about 1/2 way through the game to get health of 200.


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