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Turboslider RC3

The Turbo Slider or the Turboslider was a land vehicle with two back wheels and a ski replacing the front wheels. It also had a turret on top which was used by another player in multi-player mode or by Skrunch during the story. It was created solely for use by the Q-Force and was normally used for ground assaults at enemy bases. They were very fast and easily evaded enemy fire, and traveled over virtually any terrain.

Behind the scenes

  • There were originally supposed to be Turbo Slider races around the galaxy; however, they were cut due to lack of time. The only one that was finished was kept in the Insomniac museum, where the player can experience the track; however, without any other racers.
  • During the Tyhrranosis and Aridia level, Ratchet stands up straight inside the drivers seat. If you managed to take a jump which shows the bottom of the vehicle, you can easily see Ratchet's legs and feet sticking out of it. This is hard to see because of the main turret restricting the view.


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