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The subject of this page was cut from one or more materials and therefore is not part of the Ratchet & Clank franchise.

The Turbo Slider races were a series of races along circuits across the Solana galaxy. They were cut from the released game, due to a lack of time, and only one circuit was finished and then kept in the Insomniac museum. They were probably an add-on to the series of races that featured in the first two games.


The Turbo Slider races were races held on circuits across the Solana galaxy. They involved driving a Turbo Slider along a circuit, while beating the other competitors to first place. Each Turbo Slider had a cannon, and Ratchet could shoot enemies and vice versa. On the circuits were usually a series of humps and hills that boosted or lowered the driver's speed.


  • The announcer at the Annihilation Nation mentions at one point that he could be seen at the "Florana Demolition Derby", perhaps referencing the cut Turbo Slider races.


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