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This is the walkthrough for Tyhrranosis in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Tyhrranoid Base

Upon entering this planet, you will have to free fall down to the bottom. Missiles will come after you, just worry about the ones that are red. As soon as you land, you will have 2 back up rangers on your side, enter the building in front of you and there will be small enemies to take out. You can save ammo by letting the rangers take them out or just simply use the wrench. Go forwards to meet a big mech, shoot it till it is destroyed. After you pass the corridor you will come along a big room with some tyhrranoids, and some saucers to smash up. Take them out and proceed into the door to the right. Go past the corridor and you will come across more enemies. Once they have been dispatched, head to the right to find another entrance. The path will curve and you will meet some more tyhrranoid troopers to kill. Go to the door and defeat all the robots. See the egg shaped thing on the ground? Destroy it, and there will be another one in the small dome shaped object nearby. You have destroyed the air base! Proceed outside by the door nearby.

Assault on the Tyhrranoid Base

After the air ship part, you will be on another section of this planet. You will find a vendor close by as well as Skrunch who is on the Turboslider. The Turboslider allows you to move fast a lot faster, across the vast planet. The mission you are assigned to do is to destroy all the turrets surrounding the planet. As a note you do not have to follow the order that this goes by. You can easily explore this map and you will not get lost. The planet is just very big and you can lose track of what you did easily.

First Turret

Hop aboard the Turboslider and jump across the gap located forward. You will now be on a dirt path, head right when the dirt path first goes right. Do not worry about the enemies around you, Skrunch should fire at them, but rest assured you will get to destroy the egg shaped thing without getting harmed. Either ram the activator with the speed you have or destroy it with a weapon. Once destroyed you can find a titanium bolt if you head outside to the right side of the building.

Second Turret

Get on the vehicle again and exit the building. Cross the bridge again. Once you have crossed the bridge go a bit northeast. There should be a small ledge you will be able to jump. Do so and there will be incoming tyhrranoids and a mech. Defeat them using the N60 Storm preferably, or the Nitro Launcher. There will be mechs on top of large elevated land, so be careful. There is also a hidden trophy here, but first take out the mechs. On top of the mound on the right should be a scalable rock. Jump on that rock and then high jump to the top of the mound. You just go the Big Al trophy! Now proceed forward to the main path and wall jump up to the roof. A drop ship will come and drop a lot of enemies. Bring out the Miniturret Glove to make ease of this part. Now once they are gone head straight and platform across the tiny gaps. More tyhrranoid forces will come as well as another drop ship. Head forward and make a left, use a high jump to get on top of that ledge. Destroy some more mechs and get up onto the circular platform above. Destroy the activator, and backtrack towards the Turboslider.

Third Turret

Now look for the third turret which should be inside a cave. The turret that you should be at has a vendor. Stock up and enter the cave. Hop on the circular elevator, and as a welcoming committee two mechs stand in front of you. Take them out preferably with one shot of the Flux Rifle. Jump across the gap and high jump to the top of that ledge. At this area resides small tyhrranoids as well as some mechs, defeat them like you do with other monsters. Proceed a little bit forward to engage some tyhrranoid troopers. Now jump on the nearby circular platform and high jump to the ledge up there. Pull out the Nitro Launcher or N60 Storm to blast your way through. To the left, you should see a Swingshot target, but ignore because you do not have yours yet. Now jump on the small rock nearby and hop across the gap between the two platforms. Proceed forward and engage some saucers and troopers. Jump to the next area. Snipe the mechs on the high area nearby. Now jump up to the platform. Long jump towards the next area and defeat more tyhrranoids. Now behind that pillar should be a place where you may wall jump do so and destroy the egg shaped thing.

Fourth Turret

The final turret if you followed the guide. Jump down from the circular platform and go to where there is elevated rocks. The first thing you will find are some mechs and drop ships, take out the enemies. Long jump across to the next platform and kill some more tyhrranoid mechs. Head up towards the ledge nearby with some troopers. Defeat all the enemies and the activator of the turret will be inside the alcove at the end.

Control Room

After destroying the final turret, backtrack the path and drive. Turn left and follow the path. Press PlayStationTriangle to enter the control room. You will encounter a vendor so make sure you fill up your weapons and be prepared for a boss fight.

Momma Tyhrranoid

As soon as you are able to move after the "cutscene," start shooting with the N60 while picking up as much ammo as you can. Keep backing up, do not jump over the Momma Tyhrranoid's attacks. If you run out of N60 ammo, lay down a couple miniturrets to deal some damage while shooting the Nitro Eruptor at her. When she jumps on the ceiling, just stay put and jump over the machine gun fire. Then charge her, repeating the procedure. Once half her health is gone, she starts destroying the room and shooting deadly missiles at you that can take out 10 health even with Adamantine Armor. When in the corridor, use the Lava Gun or ignore the Tyhrranoids. When you get to the next arena, repeat what you did in the first room. When she jumps on the ceiling though, she fires double machine guns or she can fire torpedoes. Just keep shooting with the Nitros, N60, and Miniturrets and she'll go down for the count.

Momma Thyrannoid only OmniWrench

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As soon as you are Able to move after the "scene", going behind the back of Momma Thyrannoid and use the combo with the OmniWrench dodging the tentacles, after giving him a few shots will stick to the ceiling and shoot laser rays. Jump to the Rays, or retreat behind some columns. Repeat the process until you will start another "scene" and you have to escape to another bridge where you have to hit the OmniWrench of Thyrannoid hinder you, or you can let them be. In the "escape route" there will be some crates containing Nanothech, you can split by a blow from above with the OmniWrench while you are on the run. Once finished the race affected by the same method of the previous battle Thyrannoid Momma, after performing the action the first time will launch missiles. You can easily dodge them by moving sideways. After the second time I did shoot two laser beams, you have to skip perforza, as Momma-Thyrannoid had destroyed the columns; finished to hit the third time with the OmniWrench finally have destroyed Momma Thyrannoid successfully with OmniWrench ONLY.

Hidden Items

Titanium bolts

There are 2 hidden titanium bolts on this planet.

  • Go to the right path where the turret resides inside a building. To the right side of the building lies the bolt.
  • This requires the Hypershot which is obtained later in the game. Go to the cavern area and find the target. It will be very easy to find. Swing across to find a hidden alcove with the bolt.

Skill points

There is one obtainable skill point on this planet.

  • Be a Sharpshooter: Snipe 10 troopers on the watch towers. You can use any weapon but the Flux Rifle will make it easier.


There is one hidden trophy on this planet.

  • Big Al: Go to where the second turret is. (Use the guide above) and you should come across troopers on top of elevated mounds. On the mound to the right should be something golden. At the base of the mound will be a rock you can jump on. Jump on it and high jump on top of the surface.

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